How are your spiritual paths going friends?? I’m not looking for evangelism or comparisons, just curious how each of you are faring or non faring, or whatever the vector might be. For me, I am content. Trying to deepen my practice and free my mind of limiting beliefs, I’m ok with being asleep but revel in moments of wakefulness. I want to extend explorations in the afterlife before I leave and I think many of the navigational and survival skills of dreaming will help after the transition. I like exploring the thresholds and hanging out in the liminal.

I think our only mission is to learn the art of release. Catch and release. Where we let go of ourselves to become something beyond ourselves, and then let go of that to go further. Like an inchworm on a walkabout. We make our way across what we’ve become, to what we can abandon, and it is our only form of progress. of transportation of consciousness.

my brain sometimes wires things, er, differently. Saw this class I was going to check out on Tuesday. It said they meet every Tuesday but not in Mar. So my brain thought it was odd they don’t offer classes in the Sea but dry land would be just fine and I’ll plan on the day after tomorrow. Then a friend who I invited tells me he’s interested but it looks like they don’t have classes in March. Doh. That makes more sense. Damn Spanish.

I set the intent to lucid dream and drift back to sleep. In a dream is my little brother, who is now a few inches taller than me. But in the dream, he’s about chest high. I am puzzled. I ask him/myself… why is it that sometimes you are short and other times you are taller than me?? It doesn’t occur to me that this is my clue to recognize I am dreaming. I wonder how many clues I continue to miss, both waking and sleeping? And how I may need to follow my questions a little deeper…

our importance in this life is not how well we march
but how we dance

Maybe you have nothing to spend in common currency, but perhaps you have coins from other realms. Don’t squander them in the public exchanges that do not recognize their value