Finally, the steamboat is ready…

After decades of trial and error refinement, I have created the perfect time-juicer system combining all my interests, hobbies, routines, chingas filtered through a Kanban focus strip, broken down into discrete chunks: fun, gamified and easily assimilated into long term memory storage with Anki for items of substance (and for keeping continuity on intermittent tracks); a system designed and personalized to seize the day and… I’ve just been staring at it for a week now 

In a totally unrelated dream last night, I was being forcibly restrained from creating music until I broke free and discovered through unfettered play on a piano all these unlocked potentials before being trapped in a room by a malevolent shadow while trying to reconstruct a banishing melody with raspy breath on an indigenous flute.

I’m blaming the new moon. And that shot of super tart cherry juice before bed.

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