I drew kenaz this morning. A curious rune which typically means illumination, craft, skillful means. But its darker poems in history relate it also to ulcers and tumors. The reconciliation is found in a deeper function of kenaz which is shaping energy with thought. As such, it warns me today to be wary of whether I am shaping my thoughts with intention or whether my thoughts are shaping me, through moods and mechanical associations. One is a type of growth I do not wish to encourage.

2 thoughts on “kenaz”

  1. so true, so very true — and i also wonder about that personal realm beyond thoughts and intention that in great part is beyond our conscious apprehension; i’m reminded of things like…”quiet your mind and the soul will speak” and “a quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear” or “things become complicated only when we think about them.”

    1. Yes, I wonder too… to nerf all thoughts and disengage the game. I think that is our essential self. Our true selves with us through sleep and waking. Yet we have this persona that interfaces with the world and our transaction in the body. Personas that actually navigate through existence, collecting experience. For what? I don’t know. And an ego that’s largely unnecessary, trying to build an identity on the shifting sands of persona by taking credit and denying blame.

      The way of the mystic goes straight for the nerf. A mighty leap! Accept no substitutes. The magician and way of the serpent, climbs up the tree of life incrementally, realizing illusion by mastering illusion. Of sorts. Working with intent. Dangerous because a little power in illusion, a little wiggle room in the consensual trance… one can work miracles of a fashion. Keeping them directed to progressing is perhaps better. Unless you’re really pure, and then still. And there is the way of the devotee, which I have no clue. I hope this makes sense when I wake up tomorrow 🙂

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