Site Seeing

  • Useful Science. Well named
  • excellent forays into learning, memory and practical stuff to hack the psyche by Robb Seaton.
  • Living Liminally. Reflections on the Déithe and an-déithe
  • The Art of Memory. Forum for hacking memory.
  • Happiness Beyond Thought. “What is shared is from nowhere just as it arises; a mystery.” Gary Weber
  • Wait But Why. ‘splaining stuff in interesting ways
  • Slate Star Codex. “a blog about science, medicine, philosophy, politics, and futurism. (there’s also one post about hallucinatory cactus-people, but it’s not representative)”
  • The Third Wave. “well-researched, high-quality information specific to the classic psychedelics – and how they can be used to help people like you live more vibrant lives.”
  • Neurohacker Collective. R&D based on complex systems science applied to noodles
  • Derek Sivers. Essays on life and sundry
  • Meaningness. “Various religions, philosophies, and systems claim to have answers. Some are complicated, and they all seem quite different. When you strip away the details, though, there are only a half dozen fundamental answers. Each is appealing in its own way, but also problematic. Understanding clearly what is right and wrong about each approach can resolve the underlying problem.”
  • The Temporary Autonomous Zone of Hakim Bey. “To shed all the illusory rights & hesitations of history demands the economy of some legendary Stone Age–shamans not priests, bards not lords, hunters not police, gatherers of paleolithic laziness, gentle as blood, going naked for a sign or painted as birds, poised on the wave of explicit presence, the clockless nowever.”