New Year

Niken Anindita aka megatruh is Jakarta based, self-taught digital artist.

I like new years; I like the ritual of pivoting to review the past 12 months and starting anew with minimal baggage.

Some baggage, like habits developed over the year, are valuable —good habits are wise investments. Projects, however, may or may not hold relevance depending upon deliberation.

For some things this annual ritual is about tweaking priorities, for others it’s something new, or something old revisited. But the ritual usually starts with dropping everything carried the year before. A total reset.

Each year ends with a harvest of what came from previous efforts, which may be meager, and a planting of the new year’s seedlings with what was gleaned. And learned. With no regrets for anything incomplete or undone or missing. It is finished. I may restart it, but as something new. The field starts cleared. A system reboot.

Some magical disciplines carry this approach into a daily practice. Before sleep each evening, they review the day in reverse unwinding all the events, watchful for lessons. Leaving the mind ready for restorative sleep with a clean slate. An adjunct practice then imagines the most beautiful image, whatever that might be at the time while drifting off to sleep. Talk about your sleep hygiene!

Jacek Yerka

listen to what living space
tries to tell you
the field intelligence
of our homes are usually out for our best interests
if we honor our residence
it has things to tell
that only places we inhabit can
say when we stop to listen
a larger script
with space between the letters
for a companion signal
it is good to have a home
as an ally
to extend our senses deeper into worlds

I can walk a well lit hall
as if bathed in shadow
I can cross a pedestrian street
while caverns of purgatory
yawn on each side
down the depths of hell
I can carry a conversation
while an ice serpent
writhes across my tongue
and imps of nearby tombs
tug loose sheets of fabric
from my hearing
so yeah
I can hear you, I can see you
just not like you think

my child

I’m gobstruck by infinity
radiating from this moment
threads and arcs of possibilities
sneaking up on it we might observe
as a child down darkened hall, peeking from a bedroom door
the selections made for us constantly
by our relentless thoughts
and judgments and feelings
with our adulting minds
…yet a few children stand in the midst of this bazaar
absorbed with arrays and paths of their own elective
in a smorgasbord of choice
one of the few might be you,

Embodied Imagination

by Natcha Einat

Many intricate systems prescribe how to move and utilize energy in the body to achieve specific ends. Activating chakras, awakening kundalini, directing chi, releasing traumas, cleansing auras, channeling reiki. They undertake their tasks with somber precision, controlled methodologies and specific procedures.

But much can be said for learning to play with our own energies firsthand, before being formally indoctrinated. And maybe even in place of. After all, these systems were once discoveries. Who knows what’s left to explore? If it’s like everything reality has revealed so far, the playing field tilts toward infinity.

Be forewarned, however. Attempting this on your own without adult supervision can result in supernatural experiences, unaccountable levity, alien and lucid dreams and an iridescence of aura that attracts the subconscious attention of others.

It is easy to begin. Idle, distracted, uneventful moments of the day can be re-purposed as virtual playgrounds for etheric magery and personal entertainment. You will rapidly collect, invent, discover techniques for yourself by studying the mechanics of those which have the greatest subjective impact. This is easy to self-calibrate, so keep experimenting and your potential will blossom.

Let’s begin.

If you are sitting reading this, you may take a moment to make yourself bigger. Puff out the sense of your boundaries and being into something larger than your physical form. Try expanding yourself to fill the whole room that you are in. Like the Hulk. And why stop there? How about the building? The block? The town? Then shrink back down and become that tiny spot that occupies the pineal gland in the very center of your brain. Nice and compressed into this little dot, now drop this bead of awareness down through yourself and deep into the earth. Fuse with the molten core.

Or turn yourself invisible. How does that feel? How do you do it? Do you just evaporate your energy? Do you vibrate so fast you phase out of existence? Do you blink out? Try all the ways.

Part of the fun (and power) is finding not only things you can do with your energetic form, but creative ways you can do them.

You may find it curious when you start discovering real world effects. For example, reaching out your energetic arm like rubber and tapping someone on the shoulder several people ahead of you in line. What will you think when they turn around puzzled? Coincidence? Perhaps.

Shapeshifting and glamours are entertaining and good practice. Animals can sometimes pick this up when you are doing it and react strangely. People tend to process it more subconsciously but in ways that effect their perception of you.

What happens when you have a pain or negative emotion and engage it on the level of etheric maneuvers? Without getting into gnarly detail, an ancient Tibetan template 1 for this involves identifying the pain or emotion by marking it out with your attention: as a shape, sensation that occupies a certain space and has a certain nature. Bringing attention to it directly instead of labeling it, avoiding or suppressing it. Then imagine plugging yourself into some power. Your god, a deity, the sun, bugs bunny, whatever has juice for your imagination. Then invent/imagine someway for this power to interact with your issue in a manner that transforms it. If it’s bugs bunny, it may involve dynamite. And play it out.

These algorithms become fun to collect once you start gaining experience working with imagination of the body. And if you decide to learn some formal methodology, like spinning a microcosmic orbit through a loop in your body ala qigong, you will be engaging with it on your home turf with awakened sensitivity and enhanced skills.

Some fun techniques and ideas can be found in these books as well:
Time, Space & Knowledge by Tarthang Tulku
Barefoot Doctor’s Guide to the Tao by Stephen Russell
Sixth Sense by Stuart Wilde
Energy Work by Robert Bruce
Beyond OK by Win Wenger

Halloween Story

A symbiotic organism lives in our body, it has a neural network in our gut, and has 10x more cells than we do … in our “own” body. We call it/them bacteria. They are our ancestors, for 3 billion years. They are intimately tied to much of our well-being: physical aspects of digestion, inflammation, immunity and psychological moods, motivations and depression. To name a few. It’s a little creepy, don’t you think? It’s like those parasitic cordyceps. But ours are for the good, right? And that’s my Halloween story for October. Just wanted to get a jump on it.

Zombie-ant parasitic fungus castrated by hyperparasitic fungus

Ant colonies are protected against brain-manipulating parasitic fungi by another fungus

A dead zombie ant infested with the parasitic fungus Cordyceps. Photograph: David Hughes/Penn State University

The modus operandi of the Cordyceps fungi is the stuff of nightmares. These parasites grow inside their insect hosts by feeding off the non-vital organs, and manipulate the hosts’ behaviour so that they can reproduce. When it is ready to produce spores, the fungus grows into the brain and releases chemicals that make the host climb a plant then attach itself near the top. It then kills its host by devouring its brain, before sprouting a mushroom from the top of its head, which disperses its spores as widely as possible.

Reality is never on your side

but may it always be in your favor 🙂

Reality aside, the excerpt above is from a journey through Heidegger’s thought.

Heidegger took a brave stance against Plato, Descartes, Kant and the major zeitgeists of our times and flipped the subject/object dichotomy on its head. I got 50 percent smarter just watching this video, so I’m closing in on 100. Be vewy afwaid

The video has much heart and connects with fascinating people. If you like walks in the moonlight, candle light discussions on the nature of the universe and significance with friends in taverns or sidewalk pubs, or in the wilds, then this is your pelĂ­cula.

Mission Statement

Went to a Mesmerica show in our local planetarium over the weekend with good friends. Was, in one way, a bit disappointing due mainly to my own expectations (“disappointment requires adequate planning”); however it was also inspiring in a “dat looks like fun chit to do” kinda way. There were some magical segments.

I did a bit of research into the state of tech the last couple of days and think I’ll have some projects underway once my next two are completed. (Which should be any day now :p)

What’s intriguing is that the venue is there. And the same implementation can be progressively enhanced, from simple 3d perspective on a desktop dragging a mouse to cardboard vr goggles and fancier attachments for smart phones with head tracking (but also, phones just panning around physically) to the immersive helmets attached to smoking graphics cards on desktops and all their motion and sensor accouterments. Levels of experience and enjoyment with essentially the same application and code. Even more immersive than an old school planetarium.

…but I’ve also been dinking with a digital auditory workstation that can fabricate sounds from the ether along with some plugins to sync said sounds to audiostrobe glasses and brain entrainment tech. I’d been dragging my feet for years because nothing really spoke to me. But this DAW is different from the rest. It’s how aliens make music, evidently. We seem to mesh. (renoise)

So I think my opus, in 2022, will be to yank people from their bodies and hurl them into the astral planes involuntarily. My mission here will then be complete

The Pipe

I closed my eyes and was in a cave. I tried to sense its dimensions, in kinesthetic “glimpses” it was huge. Carlsbad Caverns huge. I followed a slant down, and down, to the left, narrowing, then opening into a cove and onto a beach at night. I stood, listening to the waves which I could only see as undulating darkness. But some visuals were flickering through. Of the stars, the night sky. The sand. I was barefoot. I called mentally for an animal friend to come and show me the way to the guide.

Moments later I sensed a small fuzzy animated something and follow it up the coast to the right. We soon came upon a campfire, and shanty lean to of driftwood and a man sitting cross legged in tattered clothing, a dirty golden beard and a mat of stringy hair the same color. I asked if he was my true guide. He said he was. But in other words, which sparkled but already slipped from my memory, writing about this almost a day later. I forgot to give him permission and ask him to let me feel how he feels toward me.

I asked him to show me where the sun was. He pointed to a place in the sky, which changed to day. And I asked the Sun if I could speak to it in human form. It came as a man of golden light. I asked him what he needed from me and my life in order to start to work with me and be my friend. He told me to work on my posture. I asked him what do you have to give me that I need from you? And he gave me a pipe. I took it without asking my guide if I should have. I think it is made of living dragonflies. I asked the Sun how to use it. And he communicated an understanding. I handed it back to him and asked him to put it in my body in a place where I should absorb or carry it. And now I have a dragonfly pipe along my left clavicle.

I thanked him I think. I hope. I thanked him again just now, in case. I said goodbyes to the Sun and the guide and made my way back the way I’d come. I opened my eyes, outside the cave, back in the quotidian world. I lifted my left hand and energy of the pipe formed itself there, pulled from particles in my clavicle, ready to go.

My rune draw today was gifu. Which clarified this journey further.

Everything has a price. If you ask for a gift and have offered nothing, then it can demand anything in return. It’s a blank check. The old runic sagas for this rune warn to be careful not to ask more than you are willing to pay. That’s why the first question, what is my side of the bargain? And the archetypes, like the ones in Tarot, want to awaken their energies in the self and express them in the world. Perhaps they share in our consciousness. But I suspect it is much much more. And since they work through lenses of our identity, our personal history, but are non-linear in time, they may ask strangely trivial, by our account, things from us. They know the places where the smallest of energy creates the greatest cascades of effect. The lever Archimedes claimed could move the world.