short moments

light seas and passing breeze
cloud floating frigates
thick slabs of ocean gray
somewhere near the arctic circle
migratory birds return to distant shores
compass in their heads
or hearts
fish swimming beneath watery horizons
tail-flashing into caverns deep
dark, turnkey passages slip to realms of otherspace
poke out heads that mimic ufos
to some tribal cultures
with petroglyph diaries
earth turns, spins, ringing far flung corners of its portly shape
into rhythms of days and nights
creatures creeping
crawling on floors and surfaces of its skin
beginning day again
climbing towards some summit
over bones, dust, stories of ancestors
remains of lineaged history
short moments of fame, glory, pain and gore
memories of forgetting
wind kissed scents of pine, heather
brush shyly against senses and fade
a night sky
pinpricked with light
a top of a jar,
punched with holes
letting in air for our souls
wee little bugs us
that live in the glow here

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