what if you knew

What if you knew
meant you could never
find your way back
—what must be true
(to take it anyway)
what if you had
to leave (even yourself)
in the way
(you currently cherish)
would a
promise of salvation
be enough
(when nothing
remained you?)
what if we
aren’t talking
(about death
but) of transformation
would it be
any different?
(to be whole?)

2 thoughts on “what if you knew”

  1. How remarkably appropriate and well said. These are questions of ultimate transformation but more importantly, our resolve and willingness to journey beyond ourselves when we are all we’ve ever known. Whether invitations from sacred plant medicines or situational imperatives generated by our own meditations, explorations, or ventures into other beliefs and places to live, these are the ultimate questions of becoming versus a risk-adverse comfort that seems so sensible at times given the fact that nothing about this journey guarantees wholeness even if that is what we think we seek. Thank you for the post — and the artwork of the ship spilling out of its frame is majorly apropos!

  2. Thanks Michael. It’s a pretty obscure poem. I think only those who have stood on that threshold, facing that possibility and its implications, could comment as you did 🙂

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