I’m a traveler. I practice writing here. I have sort of a complicated relationship with words (and a tortured one with grammar. Perhaps punctuation too.) I’m happiest when I’m exploring, working on a mastery of something or another. The practicing mind. I enjoy the flow of craft.

I think our subconscious is probably the gateway to anywhere. I think our culture teaches us wee about it, and seems to fear its territory. And it hides the good stuff in fairy tales. Just in case. This fear persists across religions, science and almost any ideology. Curious, that. I’m pro imagination and freedom to choose our path. With all that entails. I’m pro “things are what they are”, and that’s an amazing place to be. Buy ticket, take the ride, as a wise fool once professed.

And I’m also pro “snap out of it”, ditch those programs pre-installed for evolution and replicating dna, Nature is awesome and all, but there’s a spark in us for reason. If we can’t rise above our thoughts and feelings and group validations for air and lightness of being, then we’re going to have to cross the bifrost bridge with soggy vestments.