is a war on systems
(cyber comes from cybernetics which is the study of how systems communicate)
—not just technology
cancer, for example, is cyberwar
bending information the system uses to distinguish the reality of a healthy cell
from one with its own agenda
nothing to see here cancer asserts, as it hacks the perception of the t-cell with an interference pattern of tendril chains of complex sugars
that distract from the real news of what’s happening
systems run on information
and while processes do the heavy lifting
it is information that directs process
one of the masters of adapting, subverting and re-purposing systems
are the mycelium
perhaps they can teach us something
both our technology and biology needs to learn
about signal and noise and agencies of action?
and perhaps the internet is teaching us as well
as communication mutates in interesting strains
and I wonder at the synergy and parallels
between mycelium
and our connected culture