AI Whisperers

AI Whisperer

There’s an entirely new marketable skill emerging which will probably be as lucrative, if not more so, than programming, and that is prompt engineering. Which is someone who has learned how to talk with and direct ai models. Mostly through spoken language. No coding required.

These AI whisperers can command significant leverage in many domains​. There are those selling their prompts now, and prompt services. Others are using it to create industriously for themselves in private partnership with the borg.

This exploration, more than the closed door research, has created an explosion in capability —and opportunity. These are the people learning to build web pages back in the 90s. It’s the beginning of a new sprawl. And it’s scaring people. But I haven’t been as intrigued about the underpinnings of technology since the world-wide web and am deep in the rabbit holes of machine learning, embeddings, transformers and the shiny toys of synthetic neural nets.