What a great trip back to visit family and friends! Stayed in Gunbarrel for a couple of weeks at the Twin Lakes Inn, a homey and off the beaten path little resident hotel we shared with some odd people, including marathon runners from Japan, researchers from Israel and assorted travelers. It was a great base for visiting friends in Boulder and picking up supplies.

The last week we stayed with Kyle and Kashia and celebrated our nieta’s 2nd birthday.

Three weeks was just about right. But my time sense has become completely distorted. When I think of the trip now it seems both long and short. Our stay so far here too, both long and short. I can’t seem to get a handle on it being one or the other. Weird.

The trip back started off well… too well. I got suspicious things were going to change when we arrived in Quito and the airport staff were all wearing Dr. Seuss hats. Hmmm.

The valley that Cuenca is nestedin, was layered with clouds that sunk all the way down to the ground. Couldn’t even tell there was a town there from the air. We tried to land twice, and the pilot pulled up at the last minute each time into a steep climb, getting as close as he dared but still seeing no ground.

Plan B was then to fly to Guayaquil, about 20 minutes away, refuel, wait a bit and try again. During the landing at Guayaquil we sucked up a bird in the starboard engine and spent some hours grounded while they fixed it. (The plane, not the bird, RIP birdee)

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends, thank you all for your love and hospitality, we are in your debt.

I think I forgot half of the Spanish I’d learned (so, 29 words or so?) …need to get back up to speed. Miko is heading to Paraguay in a couple of weeks and a couple of weeks after she returns I’m headed into the jungle. Stay tuned… 😃