No Mucho

Not much happening of note, but thought I’d post because I’m procrastinating other stuff :p Pretty much just going to classes and getting ready for our trip back to Colorado towards the end of month.

Had to force myself to stop eating this very dangerous confection:

Not sure what it is, but it’s really good. Got it at Tortas de Colombia bakery/cafeteria on the way back from some unsuccessful errands. There seems to be two rules for for getting things done around here.

Rule 1: don’t try to accomplish more than one thing in a day.
Rule 2: don’t try to accomplish anything between noon and about 3:30pm. Most places shutdown for an afternoon break. So yeah, no crazy rushing around here to get things done over lunch hour. And lots of places are closed Monday too. Several interesting little tiendas also just seem to just open when they want to. I kind of admire their business model.

Hope everyone had a great mother’s day! We ended up having a romantic dinner with wine and candlelight and live music that we just stumbled into. Ended up at this place after a walk with no reservations and they had a whole agenda thing planned that those better informed than us were privy too. Afterwards we hung out in the park listening to more live music. No shortage of music, for sure, although the quality varies greatly.

Well, I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve run out of news. And I have to get busy with some things…a firefly project, a chess tournament, a new sound track, homework. But maybe first, a little post-cake siestita…