marzo 10 2021

weekly thought streams

Asking “Who am I?” over and over Is a good way to fall asleep
It’s also a good way to wake up

There is an inverse relationship between depth and breadth that is mediated by time. Breadth engages novelty while depth reaches dimensions of flow and and significant work. A single 100 foot hole will probably have better odds of finding water than 100 one foot holes. The lure of the 100 shallows is that we feel we may be digging in the wrong place if we don’t see results fast enough. There’s probably some analogous type of heuristic to the Bayesian “consider the priors” that applies antidotally.

Are there adhesions in thinking like the myofascial and do they require cognitive foam rollers to combat inflexibility causing pain?

Butch, dying: “Aki you go alone”
“I’m just a part of you. If you die, what’s the point?”
“I’m a part of you too, no?”
“No Aki. You are you.”
-The Limit of Sleeping Beauty

There are memes, that need to be quarantined, which spread and are as toxic and dangerous to minds as a virus or bacteria. There are also symbionts. And there are anti-memes that resist discovery but can be found and explored by what they are not. The Self may be one such anti-meme.

FBI: “your privacy is a threat to your safety”

NFTs are the new designer labels. Now bits can be claimed and staked. By other bits

How can RNA create memory?! What a broadside to the synaptic weighting paradigm. Does this mean the next evolution of AI deep learning may be viral models rather than nested regressions?