Mission Statement

Went to a Mesmerica show in our local planetarium over the weekend with good friends. Was, in one way, a bit disappointing due mainly to my own expectations (“disappointment requires adequate planning”); however it was also inspiring in a “dat looks like fun chit to do” kinda way. There were some magical segments.

I did a bit of research into the state of tech the last couple of days and think I’ll have some projects underway once my next two are completed. (Which should be any day now :p)

What’s intriguing is that the venue is there. And the same implementation can be progressively enhanced, from simple 3d perspective on a desktop dragging a mouse to cardboard vr goggles and fancier attachments for smart phones with head tracking (but also, phones just panning around physically) to the immersive helmets attached to smoking graphics cards on desktops and all their motion and sensor accouterments. Levels of experience and enjoyment with essentially the same application and code. Even more immersive than an old school planetarium.

…but I’ve also been dinking with a digital auditory workstation that can fabricate sounds from the ether along with some plugins to sync said sounds to audiostrobe glasses and brain entrainment tech. I’d been dragging my feet for years because nothing really spoke to me. But this DAW is different from the rest. It’s how aliens make music, evidently. We seem to mesh. (renoise)

So I think my opus, in 2022, will be to yank people from their bodies and hurl them into the astral planes involuntarily. My mission here will then be complete