more of a what

Talk to me
tell me stories
about why you want to be there
rather than here
of why if that
hadn’t happened
you’d be somewhere else now
if only this
then that
the fragile web of your circumstance

and I will diagnose your dis-ease:

you believe your thoughts
you trust your feelings
but… there is no “you” they pertain to
other than a fabrication, a shimmer

if you can not find everything
you need, want, could ever hope for
right now
you will never find it
because wisdom is timeless

because it is not something to obtain
rather something to release
not through adding more
more understanding, insight, experience, revelation, awakening
but by taking less
less belief in self as a noun
allowing presence as a verb to emerge
dismantling attachment
releasing to what you have always been
will always be
beyond any experience
I am
which turns out is less of an I
and more of a what

You don’t know who you are, so you don’t know who you aren’t. –Whitey. Malice in Wonderland