my inside voices

so I start…
“who is there?”

and get back in a wise-ass voice
“we’re all here”
I ask…
“do you know why I called this meeting?”

“haven’t a clue mate”
“oh, I do, I do”
“you called the meeting?”
“what meeting?”

this is my ship of fools
I can open the floor
or zero in on one…

“you over there”
“you mean me?”
“yes… what is your occupation?”
he stumbles trying to make up something that is a combination of seamster, seer and shamrock
but can’t meld it into a word, so he just sulks

“ok then, what can you show me or tell me?”
“I didn’t know we could show things”
"why not? like a talk, a chat, then someone tilts their shine to reveal a portal into a 2d audio visual montage they wish to share, tiktaks or something
“like this?”
I see a dull, rusty, red metal wedge from probably farm equipment stuck halfway in the dirt
“uh, yeah, thanks”