of Tiny Attention Spans

with tiny attention spans
are quarantined for their own good
safer in their heads
until they develop more gravitas
because if thoughts, which are energy, run rampant
in the non-physical realms
they instantly manifest
our worst nightmares
our run-away fears
generating feedback loops straight into the hell realm

so gatekeepers
between worlds
between dreams and the greater non-physical realms
won’t let a human consciousness across
just because it’s curious

until it is no longer a threat to itself
until a human either: masters its shit 1

or: comes with an intent it promises to stick to
like a question
like a tour
—a desire to know or experience a specific thing
then the gatekeeper might trust
its edgy monkey mind
to obsess long enough to complete its task
without running amok

  1. Emotionally free: Feelings are not facts We are not our feelings Intellectually free: Thoughts are not facts We are not our thoughts ↩︎