New Base

We survived the move yay! During Carnival! Actually, turned out to be great timing. The bustling streets were mostly barren and other than a close call from a drive by with a little assassin about 6 or 7 years old, who took her task with her supersoaker very seriously, and a near miss where we were secondary targets and they didn’t have time to shake their foam cans back up to full pressure, we came out unscathed. Although they did blast our doorman at the new place pretty good. Having just arrived to work in his uniform, he was not pleased.

Here’s a picture of the new place from the outside.

We’re in the apartment with the 4 windows highlighted. It’s an old colonial building that has been totally restored. I love the high ceilings. Miko is not too crazy about the rain shower fixture (which really does feel like taking a shower in the rain, and takes a little longer.) I’ll put some pics up of the inside once we’ve got things unpacked.

We only expanded possessions from the last place, besides the 4 large suitcases and 2 carry-ons, we packed about 4 grocery sized bags and a couple of backpack loads. Mostly food stuff. We plan to stay at this place for a year if things go well. Each place we’ve been has a different interpretation of “fully furnished.” E.g. in this place, one small frying pan is the sum of the cooking utensils. But we did score a blender, so that’s a plus. Tomorrow we might even find us a pot to cook in. Until then, happy carnival!