on posture

"You’ll have to be a warrior in the sense of remaining awake and alert even while you sleep, like a soldier in the midst of battle. Whatever form of interaction you’re engaged in, whether with a person or group of people, for social, economic or sexual commerce (offline or on), whether with an object (a steering wheel for instance), whether with your own internal fantasies and projections, you train yourself to remember to stay mindful of the presence of spirit.

By simply visualizing your spine lengthening upwards and your shoulder and hipbones broadening outwards, your entire physical form will actually expand and grow.

Once your bones have been arranged to allow optimum expansion of the form, it is easy to relax the flesh, by simply visualizing it softening on the bone and sinking towards the ground, counter to the upward pull of the spine. Hence the bones create the shape you want to make, whether in stillness or in motion, and the muscles, tendons and ligaments merely move the bones. This saves you inordinate amounts of energy normally squandered on the muscular strain of holding the body together around a misaligned skeletal structure. Moreover, with the skeleton arranged to facilitate optimum expansion of form and the muscles working more effectively, the increased chi, or energy, in your system can flow freely bringing you the instant benefits of a healing and self-protective energetic ‘sheath’."

Tao of Internal Alchemy by Barefoot Doctor