Easter celebrations have passed. Kept meaning to find some good Fanesca, a soup they only serve during this time, but missed my chance. There were weird festivals on the streets, guys dressed up like the KKK but in purple, rather than white. Escorting multiple Jesuses with crosses down the street. Evidently it’s the garb of the cucuruchos, which they used to wear in private in penance.

Went to a presentation on Andean cosmology and got to hear some strange ceramic “instruments.” I captured some on my Zoom. Here’s a mixdown of some of the segments, sorry for the random clunking, wasn’t really an optimal environment for sampling…

These are sounds you could’ve heard in South America 1000 years BCE.

The cosmology was interesting, but a little idealized with the same type of “noble savage” myths propagated up north. I believe we can learn much from our ancestors and earlier cultures, just as we can learn much from our children. But there is a spiral of growth in our brief evolution here and many stage 3 cultures have been romanticized while the reality, especially from what I understand about the Incas and when the tribes isolated by geography started actually having to interact with other tribes and groups, was far less glamorous. To be fair, we still have a good chunk of tribal and authoritarian mentality today, and it’s causing similar problems. We don’t really outgrow stages, we transcend them.

“Thus, in the evolutionary or developmental sequence “atoms to molecules to cells to organisms,” each of those stages goes beyond its predecessor by bringing something new and novel and emergent into existence—it “transcends” its predecessor, as molecules transcend or go beyond atoms. But each stage also fully enwraps, literally enfolds or “includes,” its predecessor—as molecules literally include atoms.” -
Integral Meditation
: Mindfulness as a Way to Grow Up, Wake Up, and Show Up in Your Life by Ken Wilber