the royal us

let go
limiting thoughts
gaslight thoughts
thoughts with measurements
thoughts of righteousness
thoughts of judgment
thoughts too small and too petty
Who. Cares?
Others give us about as much thought as we give them
Not collectively, individually
How much have you thought about person x?
even if person x is family or close friend
daily? how many minutes? a few seconds?
weekly? rarely? add it up
for those you love dearly, maybe hours
No matter
for many of us
perhaps all of us
we mostly think about us
to such relief!
usually nobody thinks that much about us
in particular
yet: we think everyone’s attention is obsessed with our
every move,
facial tic,
Dream on
…but make better dreams
…if you’re in the dreaming business
otherwise, let go of this self-importance
feel free to jump into the stream
of us taking nothing personally
the royal us