… it is curious how we outsource our identity and buy it back in product, entertainment, services and brands. And how what sources we consume, be that fox or cnn, comedians or artists, sports teams, religions or nationalities —define us to ourselves and each other. None of us are brainwashed, all of them are. None of us are influenced, and yet we still desire to consume.

That’s why shattering our identity a few times before death is a good idea. To give us a breath of freedom before we go, perhaps. Our friends the psychedelics can help with that. Most come from plants, but some from mad scientists. In any world of illusion it seems, there is always a red pill somewhere. Universal rule maybe. I look for it every night in my dreams. Last night I found it. Some anomaly that points out the nature of the dream.

I forget what it was, but I collect “dream signs” in my dream journal. Situations that recur that flag things as possibly dream like. A common one is trying to get somewhere and finding it impossible to get there. Another is being back in a scenario from an early phase of life. I think last night’s was being naked and walking into a store for clothes. Usually at this point I’ll do some test, to make sure it’s a dream, like look at my hands closely. As soon as I confirmed it, I was off exploring, changing focus and trying not to stare. Staring sucks you back into non-lucidity quickly. My goal is to have these frequently and use them as a base for conducting explorations deeper in the woods. Look for the red pills