sometimes my words are like knives

because sometimes thoughts are like tumors
there are sicknesses and aberrations of mind
far more determinant of our well being than
the strict biology of our bodies
and far less recognized except in their most pathological manifestations
this redressing extends beyond “positive” thinking
and the most insidious sores appear most common-sensical to their hosts
but if you are a creature of spirit
if you recognize the importance of thought in constructing our reality
—then walk your talk
or I may be cruel in pointing that out
and will not pamper convictions of gloom and inevitability
or sycophantic clinging to toxic thought-forms

the aspect of this I must deal with personally
besides walking this talk myself
is to assess whether my statements are to assuage my own fears
and inconvenience at your helplessness
or whether they are said with integrity.
And then not to second guess
in the name of forced harmony.
And deal with the backlash
of being an unpopular messenger
without lashing out in defense of character
or retracting in acquiescence to absolve conflict