So I’m back briefly to report on the Chirimoya of last post. I wouldn’t say it’s the best fruit known to man, but it’s definitely up in the top 5 I’ve ever tasted. It’s like a citrusy custard. Could easily satisfy ice-cream cravings. But it’s fairly expensive, about $2 a fruit, so I think it will be an occasional treat.

We also cut up a big papaya last night and squeezed lime juice over the slices before eating. That was most excellent as well. It’s not hard to get a fairly varied diet of daily fruits. On the table and in the fridge at the moment are: papaya, capuli, pepa de zambo, beets, broccoli, cucumber and sweet potato. There was an avocado but I used half on my hair last night as conditioner and ate the other half with tuna fish. I thought I’d add a little oil to the tuna fish so I used Sacha Inchi but that turned out to be a mistake. I ate it anyway. Only way to learn :)