Ode to Lineage

I respect lineage in the martial arts. Not for name dropping or one upping legitimacy but because it carries knowledge that becomes diluted. Not to say it can’t evolve and improve, but that is usually at the hand of another innovator and source of a new lineage. I am honored to have studied under some good lineages in martial arts.

And perhaps a part of this is just growing old and crusty, but I see essential elements lacking in derivatives far removed from their sources. It’s like the Chinese whispers or telephone game. The mcdojos, karate kid, fitness kickboxing, youtube qigong. Often the form is there in part but only by imitation. The expression that blossoms into that form is superficial play-acting. And even beautiful, as it sometimes is, or fierce, as it wants to be, it’s paper thin. The spirit of martial arts is a living pulse; you can find it in authentic dojos which become like a family of a common calling.