Semi Purple Sweet Potato

My breakfast. Well, besides the banana.

purple sweet potato

It needed a little panela, keep forgetting to pick that up. So I got one more link up on the right from the classes (Native seeds and oils.) Everything over there on the right now just constitutes notes from 2 of the 7 classes(!) Someday, in the distant future, before the Sun melts, I may have them all written up.

Some quick take-aways though if you don’t want to slog through:

Avocado Anti-Rheumatic Lotion

Fill a bottle with pieces of avocado seeds (crack 'em open with a hammer or nut cracker) and cover with alcohol. Put in a dark place, shake once a day. After 3-4 weeks, drain then apply as a rub as needed.

For Sore Throats

Melt some Cocoa Butter and swallow a warm spoonful (best cough syrup ever!)

For a Hair Conditioner

Use the "flesh of the avocado and strain any little threads out and apply directly to hair like a conditioner, (I’ll let you know how this goes. One lady from class asked her local hair dresser about this and he said it should only be done for darker hair, for lighter hair, use an egg yolk mixed with a little water and rinse it off in 20 minutes or so when it’s all dried out.)

For A Facial… so, this may be a little iffy, but our teacher had an Uncle that lived in the amazon that used to come to visit and he had skin like a baby’s at 80 years old. He showed them his secret that he learned there which was to score/slice a green papaya lengthwise and apply the ooze that will come out to the face. So her maid heard this and decided to try it and the next day it looked like she had a killer sunburn and she was kind of freaking out. But the next day, the skin had peeled and looked amazing. So try at your own risk, don’t freak out if you look like a beet for a day or so, and remember that papaya enzymes are also used to tenderize meat, which may or may not help you decide whether to try it or not.