Every morning a different alarm clock. This morning, awoke to this…

Which was a fitting start to a new agenda. An agenda I call “smatterings”, which is kind of an anti-todo-list. Rather than a structured routine, figured I’d try a pick-list of things. Depending on what mood I’m in at the time. There’s a little structure in that it’s still a list, but that’s just so I don’t have to remember all the fun things in my repertoire. Which is more than you might think 😃

A less fun thing was got wiped out with a stomach bug again. Down for most of the day before. Then had a killer head-ache in its wake. Couldn’t do much about the stomach issue but take some Sierogon, which helped, but the headache I absolutely crushed with some over the counter (here) Winadeine F. One tablet has 30mg of codeine, so like a Tylenol 3, a box of 60 cost me $5.

Not much local news to report of late. Have been making our computer systems more nomadically robust with some cloud services (dropbox) and security  (boxcryptor.) The idea being to be able to lose all our devices and start with a new one from scratch, from anywhere, without losing anything important. And be able to do emergency financial moves or contact people securely on systems at cyber cafes or on a borrowed smart phone. Will write some more about this on the Essential Nomad blog.

Well, time to hit the mercados, maybe find some lunch and try to wrap up a project.

hasta luego cocodrilos!