I think space has gotten a bum rap. We don’t even usually admit its existence. It’s no-thing. But you can’t even have things without space. So what’s up with that? And why do we think there are just these two: things and space? Something and no thing? And how is it that when we look into things a bit more deeply, change our “focal settings,” suddenly things are full of space filled with new things (like atoms?) And those things are mostly space which contain other things?

We spent billions on the Hadron collider to finally drill down to the bedrock and find what things are “really” made of. Which is just a fancy hammer to smash very small things together and see what remains. We found even smaller things. Now we need a bigger hammer. Maybe we’re looking in the wrong place. Maybe it’s about space and things are just incidental. Or maybe it’s turtles all the way down.

Can spaces have qualities without containing things? (I think those are called “fields.” And how do fields work anyway with nothing of “agency” inside? Their medium was once called aether, but that’s out of fashion) How does space “bend” the way Einstein described? How does inner space relate to outer space? Are you bigger on the inside? I have more questions than space allows…