I think the vaccines are safe
I’ve seen no credible proof otherwise
I think they are effective
as real world hospitalization stats continue to confirm

I also think there’s an interesting battle going on now with the virus
and no, it’s not the zombie apocalypse
but it is a heavyweight contender for mortality
up there in the ring with heart disease and cancer
and kind of interesting because heart disease and cancer require some major lifestyle changes to mitigate risks
whereas for a virus
the weapon of choice is the vaccine
which is all about teaching our body
how to recognize the strategy of the enemy
biologically speaking

but even as it competes for mortalities
it’s still a lazy killer
it’s like a predator that isn’t even trying
or that’s satiated with 5 percent of the herd
on a good day
nature has a way of regulating populations
even if it has to adopt extreme measures
balance is built into the fabric of her physical laws

yet it seems intriguing that
our best weapon against this alien invasion
in the cosmos of our bodies
is teaching our body to defend itself
which kinda rocks
and seems aligned with nature
as much as we think we are exceptions
we’re just as nature intended
a learning machine